Energy Business

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    Steam Turbines for Power Generation
  • Turbine replacing steam pressure reduction valve
  • Consulting for steam turbine power generation systems
  • Supply of steam turbines

Steam Turbines

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    Steam Turbines for Power Generation

· We manufacture steam turbines with a wide range of impulse and reaction designs, ranging from 50 kW to 15,000 kW

· Our expertise allows us to provide fully integrated machinery or combined heat and power generation systems using the same turbine

– Backpressure
– Extraction + Backpressure
– Condensing
– Extraction (Injection) + Condensing

· Our design approach is based on providing small, robust, and simply designed customized machinery as standardized modules.

· Over time, the integration of proven functionalities, meticulous development, and the use of advanced engineering tools have contributed to the development of our excellent range of steam turbine products.

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    Suppliers of Steam Turbines

· MAN Energy Solutions (

· Siemens (

· Skinner Power Systems (

· Triveni Turbines (

· MaxWatt – Collaborator (

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    Supply of Auxiliary Equipment for Power Generation Systems

· Water-cooled and air-cooled condensers

· Turbine bypass systems